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Google AdSense is the oldest ads which started in 2003. It helps bloggers to make some bucks online from their(bloggers) site. Google AdSense is very popular and widely used my many sites owners. When Google AdSense began it is very easily to use without and stress.

Bloggers have made a fortune from this i.e Google AdSense. Some have quit their normal jobs to become full time blogger online!!! Now Google AdSense have change drastically. I can’t believe it. Oh my God. Google AdSense is now difficult to use if you dont take care. It have set strict rules which are very tough for some bloggers.

But don’t worry. There are many Google AdSense alternatives which you can use to monetize your blog. Their rules are very flexible. Some can give you approval very quickly than Google.

Here are some Google AdSense alternatives every blogger must use to monetize their blog.

1.popcash.net :This is a very good ads network which been out for a long time now. It is a CPM,and every one can register. It accept all countries. You can request for your pay in the dashboard,they pay with paxum, PayPal,payza and money transfer. But money transfer takes 24 -48 hours.

2.chitika.com : Is similar to AdSense. They allow you to customize ads and only serves contextual ads. You can use this ads with Google adsense. sounds perfect!!! It pays with PayPal,payza etc.

3.infolink.com :This ad network have become one of the biggest monetization network in the world. Info link have helped more than 200,000 online publishers across the globe to make some money from their unused ad space. There is no setup fee,no hidden commitments and no minimum requirement for page views.

4.popads.net : This is a very good ad network any blogger can use to monetize his or her blog or site. They accept all countries. They have pop ups,tab ups or under and other monetization. They can pay on daily basics as long as your earnings is up to $5 or more.

5.adversal.com :This is also a good Google AdSense alternative you can use. Getting approval is very easy. But the disadvantage is that they expect your site to receive traffic from 50,000 page view per month. This ads is not for site with low traffic rate.

Hmm, this is a few ads network you can use to monetize your site. I know there are many ads network out there. If your site was disapproved by Google AdSense, don’t be frustrated. Cheer up. There are many ads network which will allow you to use their service without and hassel. Stay safe my fellow bloggers. Good bye.


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