Wanna start blogging immediately, then you need the right blogging tools to get you going. As blogging is concern you need should have the appropriate apps to make your blogging world stress free. Hmmm, what are the coolest apps a blogger or a webmaster should have to perform their work easily?Since Android and iPhone phones flooding the system, so as apps doranging from health to technology. 

Android phones are very potable and fashionable to use when it comes to blogging. Some bloggers post content,reply to comments etc right on their smart phone. An android is the smarter growing mobile operating system this days. If you own an android phone then there are a lot of apps on Google play store for various need like writing apps,social sharing etc. Practically if you are a blogger here are some apps you(blogger) or a webmaster will need to get work done productively irrespective of where you be. 

1.BLOGGER: One of the best platform to start a blog. You can use this app to create,publish and edit content,comment on existing post and many more. It permit you to switch between multiple blogs and apply a theme also. Its free to download, so what are you waiting for?

  2. WordPress: The ​popular blog creator app used by millions of bloggers worldwide. It assist you to accomplish crucial tasks like creating and publishing post,commenting on post and editting old posts. You can apply a theme even when you are in bed. This app support self hosted blogs and wordpress.com respectively. With this app you exercise full control over your blog. 

3. PLAGIARISM CHECKER: A unique and quality content is what a blogger can boast about. This app glance through your content and check for similar ones on search engines like Google, yahoo etc. If you are a blogger that accept guest posts then i strongly recommend this app for you. It let you know whether the content been given to you is a copy and paste one or not.

4. GOOGLE DRIVE: The best cloud storage app for bloggers. Yep!!! Wanna know the reason? It let you store relevant information like images, office documents etc for future use. All saved items will synchronized with your device for you to have access to them anywhere.

5. FLIPBOARD: A free app that any blogger should have. It serves you with videos, news,fresh stories etc. It can keep you informed with what happing around the world. You can even get blogging news over there. You will have to create your magazine in order to use it. 

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These are a few apps a blogger need to have. Do you know some? Add it in the comment box below. Byeeee 



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