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As we know  that seo is the nutrient a  site needs most. Apart from how aesthetic your site look like it need seo at all cost, hands down. Every blogger want his or her blog to have   good seo. But it doesn’t happened you work towards it. Seo means search engine optimization. Getting a huge traffic depends soley on seo although traffic can come social medi as well.

But how can you get the best seo your site deserves? Don’t panic, there are a lot of seo tools on the internet which a blogger must know and even use them(tools)  in his blogging job. After creating a professional site and you have submited it to search engine;you need to definately improve upon it seo for it to be on top. On the contuary a blog need the right tools and services to function effectively. You can get more on this topic at: www.brideclick.net/10-must-have-seo-tools-for-bloggers/


1. BACKLINK: Do you want your site to have a good position in search engine result? Then you have to take this tool into consideration. Backlink helps your site to improve upon its seo. It is a hyperlink a site get from other site. The frequency preferred by search engines is not know but they(backlink) plays a major role as blogging is concern.Read more on backlink @ 101 ways to get backlink to your blog

2. Google  AdWork keyword tool: The most used seo tool in the history of blogging. Just input the main word for your blog and this tool will serve you with another word similar to that word along with its search volume. You can sign up for an account and enjoy its services.

3. Smallseotools.com : The common and free seo tool ever. With this tool you can check your content Google page rank,grammar,backlink,spellings and many more. All it tools are of premium quality and free of charge. I suggest you always use this site to achieve a good seo result.

4. Wp seo by yoast: If you are using wordpress then i highly recommend this wordpress plugin by yoast. Activating this plugin will helps strength your site seo. It have features like sitemap creation,seo analysis of your content and adding of meta tag fields.

5. Google trend: This tool alert you of whats trending right now this moment. You can search of anthing by categories or country including  health,education,technology and business. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. It provides you with the exact phrase people are searching online . With this you can generate a better content for your site. For instance you run a blog talking about cars; you can search the phase in this tool. It can motivate you to write something about it. Google trend gives you the exact post people want to read.

I recommend this: 5 apps a blogger or webmaster should not do away with.


5 Simple Ways To Make Some Bucks From Your Blog.

Hei there!! you know blogging is a lucrative way to make money online. It is one of the legitimate ways to work online. Surprisely there are some bloggers who just blog for fun. Yep you heard me. And there are some who blog sole to generate income. I know some of them. They are Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud.com, Ammar Ali of allbloggingtips.com,Darren Rowse of problogger.com etc.

Wonder how this great bloggers make money online? Well some of them uses the methods below. I bet you this methods are very reliable and legitimate too. You know what i mean scam-free. Making money from your blog is a dream come true for new bloggers no doubt. Remember when you started earning let’s say $1 don’t give up.

Keep on working. Little drops of water make a might ocean. You can’t be a blogger if you give  up so easily. I’m going to feed you with some ideas so that you will know how to start. Don’t have the idea of becoming rich over night. To earn a decent income then you have to work hard towards it.

Some simple ways to earn from your blog.

1. By Ads :  The commom method a blogger can use to earn is by placing ads on his blog.  Think of Google AdSense, the biggest and popular ad network. There are two types of ad namely: cost per click(cpc)  and cost per impression (CPM). With this method you can earn while you sleep. Anytime a reader click on this ad you get paid. Fantastic!!

2. Affiliate marketing: This is where you connect to a product been sold on another site and when someone follow your link and purchase that product you get a commission. This strategy of making money is very rampant. Majority of bloggers have make a decent income from it. But you need a good amount of traffic to earn enough bucks.

3. Offering services: A legetimate means to earn from your blog is by offering services to your cherish readers and charging money for that. Services like writing content, web designing, teaching etc. If you want to earn online without a blog then you can sign up at freelancer.com

4. Creating and selling stuffs: Creating and selling products like cd,old furnitures,ebooks etc on your blog can be a productive way to gain some bucks, isn’t it? Or maybe you can sell ebooks. Pick a topic and create a ebook on that topic and publish it on Amazon kindle store for sale.

5. Sell space on your blog: could you believe  that you can sell some space on your blog? Are you amazed? Yes you can. You place an advertisement banner of a company  on your blog. You determine the amount you will collect. Its similar to affiliate marketing but they are different.

Are you pleased now? There are a lot of ways you can use to earn from your blog. Surf the internet and you will discover many more ways to earn from your blog. Have a nice day.


 Wanna start blogging immediately, then you need the right blogging tools to get you going. As blogging is concern you need should have the appropriate apps to make your blogging world stress free. Hmmm, what are the coolest apps a blogger or a webmaster should have to perform their work easily?Since Android and iPhone phones flooding the system, so as apps doranging from health to technology. 

Android phones are very potable and fashionable to use when it comes to blogging. Some bloggers post content,reply to comments etc right on their smart phone. An android is the smarter growing mobile operating system this days. If you own an android phone then there are a lot of apps on Google play store for various need like writing apps,social sharing etc. Practically if you are a blogger here are some apps you(blogger) or a webmaster will need to get work done productively irrespective of where you be. 

1.BLOGGER: One of the best platform to start a blog. You can use this app to create,publish and edit content,comment on existing post and many more. It permit you to switch between multiple blogs and apply a theme also. Its free to download, so what are you waiting for?

  2. WordPress: The ​popular blog creator app used by millions of bloggers worldwide. It assist you to accomplish crucial tasks like creating and publishing post,commenting on post and editting old posts. You can apply a theme even when you are in bed. This app support self hosted blogs and wordpress.com respectively. With this app you exercise full control over your blog. 

3. PLAGIARISM CHECKER: A unique and quality content is what a blogger can boast about. This app glance through your content and check for similar ones on search engines like Google, yahoo etc. If you are a blogger that accept guest posts then i strongly recommend this app for you. It let you know whether the content been given to you is a copy and paste one or not.

4. GOOGLE DRIVE: The best cloud storage app for bloggers. Yep!!! Wanna know the reason? It let you store relevant information like images, office documents etc for future use. All saved items will synchronized with your device for you to have access to them anywhere.

5. FLIPBOARD: A free app that any blogger should have. It serves you with videos, news,fresh stories etc. It can keep you informed with what happing around the world. You can even get blogging news over there. You will have to create your magazine in order to use it. 

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These are a few apps a blogger need to have. Do you know some? Add it in the comment box below. Byeeee 

Best Paypal alternative for bloggers.

Paypal is an online payment method which you can use to receive and even pay for your hosting fee. This is the most accepted online wallet so far.It is not allow in some part of the world like some African countries. 

Well in this article I’m going show you some few PayPal alternative a blogger can use. Don’t use PayPal either. It’s not allowed in my country Ghana. Paypal doesn’t render it service to all, you know that?

Here are some few PayPal alternative a blogger can use.

1. Payza:This is an online payment method which every blogger can use. You can connect your bank account to it. It permit you to transfer funds to your bank account and vice versa.  You can create a personal or business account for free. They offer prepaid card that you can use as a credit card and  withdraw money as well.

2. Payoneer: Is one of the oldest online payment so far. And a good PayPal alternative too, they are available in countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand etc. There are a few countries which can apply, they are South Africa, Egypt etc but not all. Transaction fee is very low.

3. Skrill: This is also good for bloggers to receive and even pay for their hosting fee. They provide master card which you can use to shop online. There is a skrill app for both android and iPhone so that you can enjoy its service on your phone.

4. Google wallet: A nice PayPal alternative you that. Its an online wallet containing your debit and credit card. It provide a card that you can use to shop online as well. It is very safe and secure and it can be used to receive and make payment respectively.

5.2checkout: Its another best PayPal alternative offering payment transaction to places PayPal does not offer service to.With 15 languages and 87 currencies it have made it easier to receive payment from every part of the world. Transaction fee is different for every countries. 

Hmmm well here are a few PayPal alternative a blogger can use in his or her blogging world. Remember payza is for everyone. Its my favorite. All countries can sign up. If you live in a country where PayPal is not allowed i suggest these alternative for you. Bingoo!!!

Get more of this topic at: www.shoutmeloud.com/paypal-alternatives.htmlwww.shoutmeloud.com/paypal-alternatives.html


Blogging is a nice way to earn online. Bloggers are people who write contents which are called blogs. Writing a rich content is what drives traffic to your blog. But what makes your content nutritional for your readers? Well, it is the requisite skills a blogger possess in writing.
To be a professional blogger you need to have some relevant attributes. Bloggers with this attributes end up driving traffic to their blog in no time. On the contuary what attributes am i talking about? Keep reading on so that you can get to know what i mean.

Bloggers like Servando Silva,Jari Ullah,Harsh Agrawal etc have this attributes within them. You can imagine how many visitors crawls on this bloggers site. It is because of the rich and quality content they write.

Here are 5 attributes of a professional blogger.

1.Passionate: Every professional blogger must be passionate about what he or she writes for his or her readers. There is no blogger who will about a niche he or she don’t admire. As a blogger you must love what you write. Bloggers who are very passionate about a topic sees it very easy. I vividly believe if a blogger writes about topics he or she is not interested in, his content will tell.

2. Creativity: As a blogger you must be very creative in order to create a unique and professional blog site. You should use the right themes, templates and plugins in building a beautiful blog. Your blog appearance must stand out from all other blogs. This is what makes the world of blogging lucrative. For a blog to look very beautiful it depends on the blogger. 

3.Communication: This is a powerful attribute a blogger should have. Communication is not only good for the blogger but the readers too. Answering questions and commenting on post is very essential for a blogger. A professional blogger should communicate with the world. 

4.Be helpful: A professional blogger must help people they may meet online.  Teaching them some blogging tips bla bla. Sharing each others articles is form helping them to promote their blog. Not only that but answering their questions too. I have shared a lot of article on my Facebook page but i have never received “thank you” from those who i shared their post . A professional blogger respect,respond and pay attention to his readers.

5. Social media “tenant”: A professional blogger should not do away with social medias. It is another way to chat  with his or her potential readers. And for promoting your blog as well. Creating a social media account and posting contents to it at least twice a week is a good idea. Twitter,Facebook,Google+ and Instagram etc are great social media you can use to promote your blog. The good thing is that you can post content to your social media account right from your mobile phone easily. 

Read more of this at: www.stayonsearch.com/10 characteristics of a great blogger

If you are a blogger with none of this attributes  then you cannot be a professional blogger.  Be determine in having this attributes and you will earn the name professional blogger in no time. 



Getting a lot of traffic to your site or blog is very essential to almost very blogger out there. Traffic can be very beneficial to a site in many ways. It can generate income and make your site very popular. Traffic can tell a blogger how interesting your blog is to readers.
There are numerous ways in which you can drive good amount of traffic to your blog or site; provided you publish good,original and attracting niches. But how can you generate traffic to your site??
Here are some ways in which you can drive traffic to your site.

1. Generating attractive title: They are the first thing reader look at. Your title must out match very title in the search result in order to attract readers. Try to write nice and mind blowing titles.

2. Allow your content to be shared: This can drain traffic to your site. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are good social media where readers can share your content.

3. Getting a mobile version: Creating a mobile version of your site can aid in driving traffic to your site. The rate of mobile search is increasing tremendously, you can’t do away with it. Creating a mobile version site of your site is very relevant. Do it right now. It is not a tedious task at all. You can activate its plugin if you are using WordPress.

4. Group your content into category: Readers admire a well organized site or blog. They can select any category they prefer on your site. A well organized site helps the reader to navigate through your site freely. Readers can bookmark your site if it well organized. 

5. Commenting on readers post: This a form of communication between you and your readers. Find some time to answer all your readers questions. This makes the reader fill at ease.

6. Creating an app: Developing an app of your site can increase your chances of getting a lot of traffic. There are a lot site which you can use to create an app. You can submit your app to Google play store,Apple store and Amazon store. You can earn a decent income from that. Sites like yen.com.gh, nairaland.com and Facebook.com etc have created their site app. Now they are earning good amount of money. 

Well this are some few way to generate traffic to your site. There are several way to do that but this are a few. If you follow those steps have elaborated, you can drive traffic to your site perfectly. Come on!!!!!!!

Get more stuff of this at: www.reliablesoft.net/10 free ways to get more visitors to your web site

 I recommend: https://ghpurplebeam.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/5-seo-tools-all-bloggers-should-know/


As iPhone,android phones and technology increase, so as apps increase. There are billions of apps on the internet. There educative, entertainment, security etc apps out there. Developers are creating apps day in day out. There are sites which assist you to create app easily.
Have you ever wonder how you can get the best site to download apps easily? Well in this article I’m going to discuss with you the best site to download apps from without any stress. I have come across many sites which says they provide apps for download but you will not even see any download link. They don’t provide easy way to that. I hate such sites. In the end you loose your megabyte. Here are the best sites to download apps without any problems.
1. M.mobango.com: I met this site in 2013, when I was search for a good site to download apps from. Its very friendly to use. You can download apps,games,videos and music over here. I recommend this site for everyone. You can search for anything you want in the site’s search bar. There is an application of this site.
2. Appsapk.com: This site is my new and favourite site i found just a few days ago. Its like m.mobamgo.com but different style all together. I will choose this site over Google play store because of how it have been coded. This site display a lot of apps for download. Any app you can think of.
3.Play.mob.org: This site is also a good site to download apps from. Its contains games apps. I recently download assassins creed from this site. I don’t know much about this site i will share any information i get about this site with you.
4.Wapdam.com: The oldest site i know even when i was young. You can download apps even anything you want on this site. It is very easy to navigate through this site. There are apps,videos,musics and pictures on wapdam.com. It is the most visited site in my resident.
5.Apk4fun.com: When you are on this site downloading any app very easy. I admire this site very much. Its provides fresh and free apps right at your finger tips. You will admire this site if you visit it and download something from there. It free of charge. 
6.Androidapkfree.com: Its also good site to download apps from. Its not bad from my perspective. You can give it a try and you will see that I’m not joking. This site is only for free apps.
Well this are few sites you can download apps from base on my research. I think you are wondering why I did not add Google play store. The reason us that if you download app from play store and it says your storage is not enough, and you close it in order for you uninstall some apps from your phone:- what you have download from play store will vanish unless you download it again. Thats waste of megabytes. My megabytes is very precious to me. I recommend you use the best browser in the world thus opera mini. You can add a good site you know, feel free.