As we know  that seo is the nutrient a  site needs most. Apart from how aesthetic your site look like it need seo at all cost, hands down. Every blogger want his or her blog to have   good seo. But it doesn’t happened you work towards it. Seo means search engine optimization. Getting a huge traffic depends soley on seo although traffic can come social medi as well.

But how can you get the best seo your site deserves? Don’t panic, there are a lot of seo tools on the internet which a blogger must know and even use them(tools)  in his blogging job. After creating a professional site and you have submited it to search engine;you need to definately improve upon it seo for it to be on top. On the contuary a blog need the right tools and services to function effectively. You can get more on this topic at: www.brideclick.net/10-must-have-seo-tools-for-bloggers/


1. BACKLINK: Do you want your site to have a good position in search engine result? Then you have to take this tool into consideration. Backlink helps your site to improve upon its seo. It is a hyperlink a site get from other site. The frequency preferred by search engines is not know but they(backlink) plays a major role as blogging is concern.Read more on backlink @ 101 ways to get backlink to your blog

2. Google  AdWork keyword tool: The most used seo tool in the history of blogging. Just input the main word for your blog and this tool will serve you with another word similar to that word along with its search volume. You can sign up for an account and enjoy its services.

3. Smallseotools.com : The common and free seo tool ever. With this tool you can check your content Google page rank,grammar,backlink,spellings and many more. All it tools are of premium quality and free of charge. I suggest you always use this site to achieve a good seo result.

4. Wp seo by yoast: If you are using wordpress then i highly recommend this wordpress plugin by yoast. Activating this plugin will helps strength your site seo. It have features like sitemap creation,seo analysis of your content and adding of meta tag fields.

5. Google trend: This tool alert you of whats trending right now this moment. You can search of anthing by categories or country including  health,education,technology and business. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. It provides you with the exact phrase people are searching online . With this you can generate a better content for your site. For instance you run a blog talking about cars; you can search the phase in this tool. It can motivate you to write something about it. Google trend gives you the exact post people want to read.

I recommend this: 5 apps a blogger or webmaster should not do away with.