5 Simple Ways To Make Some Bucks From Your Blog.

Hei there!! you know blogging is a lucrative way to make money online. It is one of the legitimate ways to work online. Surprisely there are some bloggers who just blog for fun. Yep you heard me. And there are some who blog sole to generate income. I know some of them. They are Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud.com, Ammar Ali of allbloggingtips.com,Darren Rowse of problogger.com etc.

Wonder how this great bloggers make money online? Well some of them uses the methods below. I bet you this methods are very reliable and legitimate too. You know what i mean scam-free. Making money from your blog is a dream come true for new bloggers no doubt. Remember when you started earning let’s say $1 don’t give up.

Keep on working. Little drops of water make a might ocean. You can’t be a blogger if you give  up so easily. I’m going to feed you with some ideas so that you will know how to start. Don’t have the idea of becoming rich over night. To earn a decent income then you have to work hard towards it.

Some simple ways to earn from your blog.

1. By Ads :  The commom method a blogger can use to earn is by placing ads on his blog.  Think of Google AdSense, the biggest and popular ad network. There are two types of ad namely: cost per click(cpc)  and cost per impression (CPM). With this method you can earn while you sleep. Anytime a reader click on this ad you get paid. Fantastic!!

2. Affiliate marketing: This is where you connect to a product been sold on another site and when someone follow your link and purchase that product you get a commission. This strategy of making money is very rampant. Majority of bloggers have make a decent income from it. But you need a good amount of traffic to earn enough bucks.

3. Offering services: A legetimate means to earn from your blog is by offering services to your cherish readers and charging money for that. Services like writing content, web designing, teaching etc. If you want to earn online without a blog then you can sign up at freelancer.com

4. Creating and selling stuffs: Creating and selling products like cd,old furnitures,ebooks etc on your blog can be a productive way to gain some bucks, isn’t it? Or maybe you can sell ebooks. Pick a topic and create a ebook on that topic and publish it on Amazon kindle store for sale.

5. Sell space on your blog: could you believe  that you can sell some space on your blog? Are you amazed? Yes you can. You place an advertisement banner of a company  on your blog. You determine the amount you will collect. Its similar to affiliate marketing but they are different.

Are you pleased now? There are a lot of ways you can use to earn from your blog. Surf the internet and you will discover many more ways to earn from your blog. Have a nice day.


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