Blogging is a nice way to earn online. Bloggers are people who write contents which are called blogs. Writing a rich content is what drives traffic to your blog. But what makes your content nutritional for your readers? Well, it is the requisite skills a blogger possess in writing.
To be a professional blogger you need to have some relevant attributes. Bloggers with this attributes end up driving traffic to their blog in no time. On the contuary what attributes am i talking about? Keep reading on so that you can get to know what i mean.

Bloggers like Servando Silva,Jari Ullah,Harsh Agrawal etc have this attributes within them. You can imagine how many visitors crawls on this bloggers site. It is because of the rich and quality content they write.

Here are 5 attributes of a professional blogger.

1.Passionate: Every professional blogger must be passionate about what he or she writes for his or her readers. There is no blogger who will about a niche he or she don’t admire. As a blogger you must love what you write. Bloggers who are very passionate about a topic sees it very easy. I vividly believe if a blogger writes about topics he or she is not interested in, his content will tell.

2. Creativity: As a blogger you must be very creative in order to create a unique and professional blog site. You should use the right themes, templates and plugins in building a beautiful blog. Your blog appearance must stand out from all other blogs. This is what makes the world of blogging lucrative. For a blog to look very beautiful it depends on the blogger. 

3.Communication: This is a powerful attribute a blogger should have. Communication is not only good for the blogger but the readers too. Answering questions and commenting on post is very essential for a blogger. A professional blogger should communicate with the world. 

4.Be helpful: A professional blogger must help people they may meet online.  Teaching them some blogging tips bla bla. Sharing each others articles is form helping them to promote their blog. Not only that but answering their questions too. I have shared a lot of article on my Facebook page but i have never received “thank you” from those who i shared their post . A professional blogger respect,respond and pay attention to his readers.

5. Social media “tenant”: A professional blogger should not do away with social medias. It is another way to chat  with his or her potential readers. And for promoting your blog as well. Creating a social media account and posting contents to it at least twice a week is a good idea. Twitter,Facebook,Google+ and Instagram etc are great social media you can use to promote your blog. The good thing is that you can post content to your social media account right from your mobile phone easily. 

Read more of this at: characteristics of a great blogger

If you are a blogger with none of this attributes  then you cannot be a professional blogger.  Be determine in having this attributes and you will earn the name professional blogger in no time. 



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