Getting a lot of traffic to your site or blog is very essential to almost very blogger out there. Traffic can be very beneficial to a site in many ways. It can generate income and make your site very popular. Traffic can tell a blogger how interesting your blog is to readers.
There are numerous ways in which you can drive good amount of traffic to your blog or site; provided you publish good,original and attracting niches. But how can you generate traffic to your site??
Here are some ways in which you can drive traffic to your site.

1. Generating attractive title: They are the first thing reader look at. Your title must out match very title in the search result in order to attract readers. Try to write nice and mind blowing titles.

2. Allow your content to be shared: This can drain traffic to your site. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are good social media where readers can share your content.

3. Getting a mobile version: Creating a mobile version of your site can aid in driving traffic to your site. The rate of mobile search is increasing tremendously, you can’t do away with it. Creating a mobile version site of your site is very relevant. Do it right now. It is not a tedious task at all. You can activate its plugin if you are using WordPress.

4. Group your content into category: Readers admire a well organized site or blog. They can select any category they prefer on your site. A well organized site helps the reader to navigate through your site freely. Readers can bookmark your site if it well organized. 

5. Commenting on readers post: This a form of communication between you and your readers. Find some time to answer all your readers questions. This makes the reader fill at ease.

6. Creating an app: Developing an app of your site can increase your chances of getting a lot of traffic. There are a lot site which you can use to create an app. You can submit your app to Google play store,Apple store and Amazon store. You can earn a decent income from that. Sites like, and etc have created their site app. Now they are earning good amount of money. 

Well this are some few way to generate traffic to your site. There are several way to do that but this are a few. If you follow those steps have elaborated, you can drive traffic to your site perfectly. Come on!!!!!!!

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