As iPhone,android phones and technology increase, so as apps increase. There are billions of apps on the internet. There educative, entertainment, security etc apps out there. Developers are creating apps day in day out. There are sites which assist you to create app easily.
Have you ever wonder how you can get the best site to download apps easily? Well in this article I’m going to discuss with you the best site to download apps from without any stress. I have come across many sites which says they provide apps for download but you will not even see any download link. They don’t provide easy way to that. I hate such sites. In the end you loose your megabyte. Here are the best sites to download apps without any problems.
1. I met this site in 2013, when I was search for a good site to download apps from. Its very friendly to use. You can download apps,games,videos and music over here. I recommend this site for everyone. You can search for anything you want in the site’s search bar. There is an application of this site.
2. This site is my new and favourite site i found just a few days ago. Its like but different style all together. I will choose this site over Google play store because of how it have been coded. This site display a lot of apps for download. Any app you can think of. This site is also a good site to download apps from. Its contains games apps. I recently download assassins creed from this site. I don’t know much about this site i will share any information i get about this site with you. The oldest site i know even when i was young. You can download apps even anything you want on this site. It is very easy to navigate through this site. There are apps,videos,musics and pictures on It is the most visited site in my resident. When you are on this site downloading any app very easy. I admire this site very much. Its provides fresh and free apps right at your finger tips. You will admire this site if you visit it and download something from there. It free of charge. Its also good site to download apps from. Its not bad from my perspective. You can give it a try and you will see that I’m not joking. This site is only for free apps.
Well this are few sites you can download apps from base on my research. I think you are wondering why I did not add Google play store. The reason us that if you download app from play store and it says your storage is not enough, and you close it in order for you uninstall some apps from your phone:- what you have download from play store will vanish unless you download it again. Thats waste of megabytes. My megabytes is very precious to me. I recommend you use the best browser in the world thus opera mini. You can add a good site you know, feel free.


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