Submitting your site to search engines is absolutely a relevant task. There is something called sitemap [the whole body of your site, which consists of images, videos, links existing in only single page in HTML or XML format.

 The search engines can easily read your site from time to time by looking at your site’s sitemap which will be submitted in the webmastral tool center. 

The biggest search engine Google also uses sitemap for it to know about new activities on your site and quickly index that into search engines. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that creates XML or HTML automatically which can submit your site easily into webmasters tool of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. 



1. GOOGLE XML SITEMAPS: These plugin create an XML sitemap for your site when you install and activate it. Using Google XML sitemap to submit your to search engines is very essential. This sitemap can be used in all the search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc. It us easier to use this plugin for crawlers to have a look at your site for it to be index accurately. 

2. HTML PAGE SITEMAP: This plugin add HTML sitemap of your site page after installing and it activate HTML sitemap plugin. 

3. BEST HTML SITEMAP: you are granted full authority to create an HTML sitemap of the pages that exist on your site within some few second.

4. SITEMAP GENERATOR WP: This plugin creates XML and HTML sitemap for your site. One for users to navigate through your site freely and one for webmasters. This plugin is 2 in 1, i recommend you to use this plugin or Google XML sitemaps.

5.YOAST XML SITEMAP: One of the best WordPress SEO plugin which also creates XML sitemap for your site. Are you using this plugin? Quickly enable the sitemap by going to SEO XML sitemap,check box to activate the YOAST XML SITE.

Well here are a few WordPress plugins you can use  to run your site. There are a lot of WordPress plugins but i only list a few of them.


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